Why us?

why-us-campusMAK College of Pharmacy has adopted various means of teaching for all round development of students. Today, the industry needs not just well educated students but mature professionals with a drive for innovation and excellence. The college stresses on the outcome of the students in the long run over fulfilling short term commitments. At MAK College of Pharmacy, students and faculty attend research conferences, participate in oral and poster presentations. Students are encouraged to participate in student exchange programmes and understand research practices undertaken there. Students also go for industrial visits and training. Mr. Imthehaz Ahmed adds, “We need to go beyond the syllabus and adapt different methods of quality building and strengthen student outreach activities.” Emphasis is given on personality development, ethics and social responsibility. The social responsibility activities include performing Plays & Awareness programmes. Guest lectures and workshops are organised and students are encouraged to give presentations and keep themselves updated at all times. The college calls attention to co-curricular and cultural activities. The syllabus is updated in sync with the Pharma Industry because it sincerely believes that key to good learning is continuous education and upgradation.

MAK-virtual-tourMAK College of pharmacy offers professional pharmacy education from basic level to Post Graduate level with an emphasis on strong foundation. The college boasts of well-equipped laboratories and highly qualified and competent faculty and supporting staff facilitating at the highest level.


booksBooks are depositories of knowledge and hold a place of pride in every educational institution. Our library is spread over 2100 sq. ft and with a seating capacity of over 100. The library has a collection of 4000+ books and subscribes to over 40 Indian and foreign periodicals.  The library has thousand of books in electronic format and more are being added constantly. Access to this material is restricted to the students and faculty at the campus.

Students & faculty members can access the Online Database of E-books and E- Journals from Here.


busCollege has its own transportation facilities. The buses are operated in different routes covering every nook and corner of the city and are well equipped with Mobile phones for the convenience of the students and staff. The transport facility remains available for any kind of emergency during the college timings. State roadways and private buses are also available from Mehdipatnam & Other areas at a frequency of 5-10 minutes.


hplcA wide range of academic facilities are provided to the students to assist them at every stage of their course. These include high-tech & well-equipped laboratories in the Departments of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy, which serve as a strong framework for our students to help them develop capabilities to become world-class pharmacists and scientists, academically as well as socially productive. In-house projects and research work are taken-up in these laboratories. The classroom and laboratory infrastructure is backed with well-furnished seminar halls and conference rooms where presentations on scientific and other topics are organized by faculty members and students.

The institute has sophisticated manufacturing and analytical equipment that include:

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) machine (from Agilent, Germany) Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometer, USP dissolution apparatus, Multi-station tablet punching machine, Fluidized bed drier, R M granulators, Lyophiliser, Laminar flow bench, Refrigerators, centrifuge, Ultrasonicator, Microscope with camera lucida. Pharmacology equipment includes pole climbing apparatus, actophotometer, electroconvulsiometer, water maze, chymographs, tail flick apparatus, Histamine Chambers, Eddy’s Hot plate etc. All laboratories are well-furnished with appropriate numbers of glassware, chemicals and additional preparation, and technical staff-support rooms.

  • Pharmaceutical Technology Lab

The lab contains sophisticated instruments like 9 station rotary tablet bilayered punching machine, ampoule washing, filling, sealing machines and clarity testing apparatus, capsule filling machine, ointment filling machine, collapsible tube crimping machine, 6 station digital dissolution test apparatus, disintegration apparatus, friability and hardness tester for tablets, infra red moisture balance, tincture press, dry granulator, wet granulator, tablet coating pan, ball mill, planetory mixer, Coating pan, sieve shaker, Dryer, Remi mixer,Multi mill, Tap & Bulk density apparatus etc.

  • Physical Pharmacy

The lab is equipped with modern instruments like equipment for Reynolds number measurement, balances, microscopes, various manometers and flow meters, distillation assembly, Clevengers apparatus. Various experiments set up of the lab include pharmaceutical engineering, unit processes in pharmaceutics, study of physical properties of various materials used for formulation.

  • Industrial Pharmacy Lab

The lab has instruments like deionizer, suppository moulds, centrifuge etc. Various experiments set up of the lab include drug formulation preparation, stability studies and in process testing studies can be conducted in this lab.

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab

The lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Analytical Balances, equipments and glassware pertaining to quantitative analysis of various drugs by I.P., B.P., U.S.P. methods. Various experiments set up of the lab include Acid base, redox, complexometric, Gravimetric, Non-aqueous, potentiometric, spectrophotometric titrations, Karl Fischer titrations, fluorimetric estimations, conductometric estimation of buffer capacity etc.

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

The lab is well equipped with instruments like Fume cupboards, Centrifuges,Soxhlet apparatus, microscopes, glassware and other requirements for qualitative and quantitative estimation of various biochemicals. Various experiments set up of the lab include qualitative and quantitative estimation of various biochemicals.

  • Pharmacology Lab

The lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments like isolated organ bath, assemblies for isolated tissue experiments, rota rod apparatus, analgesiomenter, convulsiometer, Cook’s pole apparatus, Histamine chamber, Eddy’s hot plate apparatus, Tail flick apparatus etc. Various experiments set up of the lab include isolated tissue experiments. In vivo pharmacological screening experiments for CNS, CVS, Respiratory, GIT, Renal drugs.

  • Anatomy, Physiology & patho physiology

The lab has instruments like UV spectrophotometer, Spirometer, Histamine chamber, Centrifuge, Sphygmomanometer, Haemocytometer, ESR apparatus, , Human skeleton and various specimens like Digestive system, Respiratory system, Brain, Spinal cord, Urinary system, Cardiovascular system etc.

  • Pharmacognosy Lab

The lab contains instruments like microscopes, soxhlet apparatuses, tlc spreader, column chromatography apparatus, charts for plants microscopy, herbal drugs museum. Various experiments set up of the lab include experiments pertaining to study of macroscopic, microscopic and chemical analysis of herbal drugs, extraction of active constituents using various techniques.

  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

The lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Laminar air flow, BOD Incubtor, Autoclave, Incubator, Aseptic Cabinet, Gel Electroflorosis, Rotary shaker, centrifuge, colony counter, Hot air oven etc.

Other Facilities

  • Canteen
  • Doctors on Campus
  • Stationery
  • Wi-fi