• To produce moral, ethical, princpled & professional PHARMACISTS with forceful personality to encourage ethical leadership, a global perspective &  the responsible shaping of society.

Mission & visionVision

  • To achieve academic excellence in pharmacy education by being regionally routed, nationally influencial & globally respected.
  • Upgrade the infrastructure and facilities required for new courses and programmes
  • Efficient coordination at all levels in MAK college of pharmacy
  • Developing MAK college of pharmacy to deal with advanced programmes of allied pharmaceutical sciences like Cosmeceuticals,  Phytopharmaceuticals, Nanopharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property Management and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
  • Progress and Prosperity of institution

Quality Policy & Objectives

  • Enhance student satisfaction
  • Enhance faculty capability in teaching and research
  • Enhance academic results
  • Promote personality development of students
  • Enhance training

MAK College of Pharmacy is committed towards providing value based pharmaceutical education to meet industry, hospital and community needs through continuous improvement of infrastructure and facility for learning, practice and research.The focus of our quality assurance and enhancement procedures is not just on maintaining the academic output.

We aim to assure the quality of the students’ experience while they are at the college. We recognize that all areas of the College affect the quality of the experience and ultimately have an impact on the students’ achievements. Within in the constraints of the resources available, we aim to provide the best possible academic and practical experience and to foster quality improvement at all levels.

Quality is the responsibility of every member of MAK College of Pharmacy. Everybody has a visible contribution to the college. in order to be successful, there must be clear lines of responsibility and accountability for each area of operation and adequate support to achieve their quality objectives.

We admit that the students can make a valuable contribution to the assurance and assessment of quality with in MAK College of Pharmacy. We therfore are committed to seeking the views of our students and using the feedback that we gain to improve the quality of the experience.